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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  November 28, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco. uc police on high alert. the -- the regents are meet today. protesters are expected. have you seen the man in the white t-shirt? police want to talk to him in connection with a hit-and-run involving a san francisco -- excuse me a firefighter who is fighting for his life. good morning i'm mike nicco. live look from vollmer peak. the fog is very thick. very widespread. we'll talk about how long it will last and dangerous winds
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in the forecast. good morning. sue hall following your monday morning commute this is the golden gate bridge very dangerous driving conditions due to the fog. after enduring decades of dictatorship egyptians line-up to cast a historic vote. 5:01 on a very foggy monday morning. i'm eric thomas. and i'm kristen sze from northern to southern california uc students will be protesting at a rescheduled regents meeting with threats of a campus shutdown at uc davis where students are planning a strike the latest response to this video of police dousing protesters with pepper spray. amy hollyfield is live at uc mission bay one of the four schools participating in the regents teleconference. >> reporter: this is where you come in the bay area if you have something to say. police are ready, just in case
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violence erupts. we've seen officers at the front door and patrolling the campus at this early hour. they've got barricades. uc students are upset about tuition increases and how police have treated the occupy protesters on campus. especially, at uc davis. they are calling for a general strike there they are hoping to shutdown that campus. upset after vick -- upset activists say the regents are unfit to represent the interests of students. they won't be meeting as a group in san francisco as they usually do. they are going to meet by teleconference. this meeting once postponed because of concerns of violence. students want to be heard this is where all of the locations of the regents will be. ucsf mission bay, uc davis, uc merced and ucla that's where you go in the bay area you come here to san francisco.
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if you would like to participate in the public comment portion. they've extend it, it is usually 20 minutes, today an hour. from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m.. no word on how long the protests will last, police are definitely gearing up for the first time since we've been covering meetings we've been asked to park down the block outside of this front door. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. 5:03. within the last hour officers have given occupy l.a. protesters a final dispersement order, five hours after the 12:01 a.m. deadline to leave. they are allowing them if to go back into their camp, they say it is a matter of time before police will arrest them. the mayor set a 12:01 a.m. deadline for protesters to leave. protesters haven't bundled. there are 1,000 in the
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streets. police chief says officers will not physically remove begin. beyond that they are not revealing timelines or tactics. there are nearly 500 tends sent up two months ago. san francisco police want to you look at new pictures of a man wanted for intentionally running over a firefighter after a restaurant fight. last night they released this video. the man in the white t-shirt on the left, is wanted for a hit-and-run early thanksgiving morning. family and friends are holding vigil for the victim. >> reporter: it has been a weekend vigil inside san francisco general for 29-year-old albert bartal. seen with his daughter and mother she at the hospital with his firefighting family from calfire. >> this hurts the entire community and family we all band together it is a brotherhood, police, fire, first responders. this is a tragic event.
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>> reporter: early thanksgiving morning 2:45, bartal was involved in a fight at this fast food restaurant on geary and 11th. both men were separated bartal walked to this gas station at 9th avenue. suspect got into his car drove to the gas station and plowed into bartal. police grabbed surveillance video from the cameras around the business and released photos taken that night of the suspect they believe got into the fight with bartal and later ran him down at the gas station a employee told us what he heard from a co-worker on duty thursday morning. >> [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: bartal spent four years in the marines in iraq just a few weeks ago he wrapped up his fifth year as a seasonal firefighter with calfire at the summit firehouse. >> i've been at this business
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for many years some things you can't answer. the important thing to know is al has great support from some of the best surgeons, doctors and nurse we are amazed at their skill sets and how hard they've been working on our friend. >> reporter: supporters and family members in the process of setting up a facebook account as well as a charity bank account for his family. john alston, abc7 news. the body of a bay area marine killed in afghanistan is set to arrive today for a funeral wednesday. 19-year-old joshua carroll was killed on november 18th. hundreds turned out at the stadium where he played sports. a procession carrying his body is scheduled to leave travis and make its way south to i-680 to a funeral home. drivers should avoid that area
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or expect delays. overseas voting has begun in egypt's first elections since hosni mubarak was ousted nine months ago. voters stood in long lines well before they opened. the vote is a milestone many hope will usher in a new democratic age. the ballotting has been marred by mur toil -- by the turmoil in the streets. republican presidential hopeful newt gingrich has won the endorsement of new hampshire's largest newspaper. passed over mitt romney for the nod. right now polls show romney has 4 % support among likely republican voters in new hampshire. gingrich 15% followed byron paul with 12% and huntsman with 8%. i wonder what your percentages are for seeing fog driving into work? >> 80, 90%, here 100%.
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if you are driving on the embarcadero you are going to see fog. >> here's a look at those visibilities still, lowest around novato and oakland less than a quarter mile novato, 1/8 in oakland. a mile in santa rosa, three miles in half moon bay. winds are not helping. they are nearly calm more fog down the peninsula, half moon bay wind keeping you clearer than rest of us. in the afternoon temperatures are going to run into the 50s and possibly 60s as we head deeper into the forecast. that is going to be tempered in the east bay valleys by some of the fog that is out there and thickest right now.
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i think we'll see a cold front later today. to late to clear us out in time to see significant warming over yesterday. warmer temperatures tomorrow. winds wednesday into thursday, highest elevations could topple frees. we'll talk about more as we get -- topple trees. we'll talk about that more as we get closer. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge very thick, trying to get other live shots but our cameras are fogged in so we are having a tough time. we will look at the bay bridge, benicia bridge, all socked in. fog on the peninsula, 280, redwood city, palo alto, 101, mountain view and that's pretty much the -- just be aware, drive carefully.
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those numbers about your chances of seeing the fog were mine and mine alone not endorsed by mike nicco or anyone else here, it is 5:10. >> but they sounded pretty good. >> 'tis date for online bargains. >> reporter: it can be -- fast, easy, no lines. no parking. that doesn't mean it is foolproof. tips for shopping safely and the best deals. sales figures are in for brick and mortar stores today. we learn how black friday stacks up against past years. we'll tell you where bay area shelters are opening to help people avoid the cold.
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepwor a big kickoff for holiday shopping more americans went shopping this weekend than ever before and spent more $400 each sales this weekend totalled more than 52 billion dollars. new documents show how big the federal reserve's bailout of banks was three years ago.0ow 1.2 trillion. bloomberg news says the banks made 13 billion dollars by taking advantage of the feds' below market rates members of congress did not know the magnitude of the bailout. >> the sun has not set on the latest twilight movie breaking dawn tops at the box office 62
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million for the weekend. so far 221 million. it will cost more in year to buy all gifts in the 12 days of christmas, $101,000, up more than 4% that is america's money i'm rob nelson. this is the day for shoppers who don't feel like putting on hockey pads when they go to the store. millions will take advantage of cyber monday the biggest online shopping day. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. give us the story and keep your ers from the keys. >> you paint a picture there --. maybe folks skipped the stores over the weekend or i'm sure there are more who have more shopping to do. today saturday to put your feet up and get good deals from home. a couple of tips to shop safely. make sure you have anti-virus software. shop at trusted sites. pay with a credit card, not your debit card.
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tips to get the best deals. monitor facebook and twitter. follow whichever products or shops you are most interested in you might find unadvertised sales and discounts. don't settle for the first deal. do a little research before you buy. >> even if you get e-mails or see sites go to price grabber or google if you just plug in the name of the product you will see who else is selling it and at what price. >> reporter: back in time to black friday. black friday broke records 246 -- 226 million spent more than -- up from 45 billion last year. average shopper spent 3 -- $398 those numbers include in-store and online. e-commerce broke records
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friday up 26%. most popular sites for online shop amazon, wal-mart and best buy. katie marzullo, abc7 news. santa clara county -- will open three shelters in san jose, gilroy and sunnyvale, providing 365 emergency beds to the homeless each night through march. they serve 2700 people last winter in san jose the shelter is -- national guard -- some of the traffic shots that sue has shown this morning you couldn't tell if they were traffic shots or just somebody turned off the camera, it was that dark. >> it is. that is going to be the problem for everybody getting around this morning even flights into sfo. check out our flight tracker, of the page.
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5:16 some of the thick fog taking over the bay shore and bay itself. we're talking about fog we haven't seen in about a year this widespread because it is that time of the year fog season. that's what blew in yesterday in some areas it never left so it was easy to meander back into the bay almost out to the coast half moon bay three miles, santa rosa one everybody else the aim as we talked about half mile down -- down to less in novato and oakland the most dangerous spots this morning. 50 oakland, 42 in santa rosa, everybody else mid to upper 40s fog not as widespread around the monterey bay inland mid to upper 40s there. today i think we'll see sunshine late low to mid 50s south bay peninsula, 63
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half moon bay, low 60s the rest of the coast mid 60s downtown south san francisco upper 50s to near 60 north bay valleys low to mid 60s east bay shoreline upper 50s to near 60 east bay valleys around the monterey bay all that extra sunshine mid to upper 60s monterey, carmel, santa cruz, morgan hill, 70s watsonville, salinas, gilroy and hollister. tonight most fog in the central valley going to keep fairfield around 39°, low 40s for antioch also livermore, palo alto, head up to santa rosa, 36 cloverdale everybody else mid to upper 40s to 50 around san francisco. area of high pressure to our east, west, sandwiched in between that cold front that will slide down slowly today and start to clear since the
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sun angle is so low it is hard for the sun to warm the ground to thin out the fog and make it disappear we are going to rely on that cold front more than anything not as much fog tomorrow probably none wednesday into thursday winds kick up once that front passes we could have dangerous winds, high wind watch highest elevations wednesday into thursday once that passes friday, saturday, sunday, sun and temperatures close to average. good morning. dense fog making for hazardous driving conditions, two what happeneds on the wheel and -- two hands-on the wheel and slower. advisories on the bay bridge and benicia bridge for very thick fog that's the story limited visibility. it was clear over the waldo a bit ago now we have a stall southbound before spencer blocking the slow lane. a little snow traffic towards the golden gate bridge. -- slow traffic towards golden gate bridge. marin county not bad drive fog
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is a factor, 80 westbound carquinez bridge to the maze 20 minutes thick fog towards concord, less than 15 minute drive. san mateo bridge thick fog this is the bay bridge thick fog, advisories very little traffic headed into san francisco. is the latest. next, new technology that makes taking perfect holiday pictures a snap. revolutionary camera lets you decide after the fact what you wanted to focus on. these sweehoney clustery things have fiber?
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[ male announcer ] half a days worth of fiber. not that anyone has to know. fiber beyo recognition. fibeone. gold bond ultimate concentrated cream heals and protects like lotion can't. gold bond concentrated therapy. real medicine, ultimate healing. good morning. 5:23. hope you had a great thanksgiving. bad enough we are in a food coma now we have to deal with haze drivinging into the work. you can hardly see anything. -- it is foggy so many places in the bay area right now. we are going to get a check on ability with mike coming up. >> it is a double whammy, food coma generates its own haze and mother nature has one too so be careful. you can stop worrying about your holiday photos whether they are in or out of focus. >> won't be hazy. new camera ensures and
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before? they in the beginning it required a super commuter. today the computer is in here with a sophisticated lens and light sensitive chip to record the image. every point sends out a million race of light conventional camera records them as a single ray on verging on a single pixel on the surface of the imager that is called focus. a light field camera overlays imager with a million microlenses capturing the picture at a different focal length and focus. computer in the camera corrects no need to process anything with your own computer. you don't need special software to refocus in every picture is a player that s with it. don't let the size follow fool you. images better than 10 1/2 mega pixels. they are accepting orders online deliveries won't begin for a few months. with the next step in photography, richard hart. >> the camera starts at $399
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depending on how much memory you want. >> you don't have to wrap mine. >> keep trying buddy did. next, the coast guard searches for a missing paddle border. >> reporter: uc regents have changed how they will neat. i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco, students still calling for action. we'll tell you what they have planned, next. next, occupy san francisco makes a move toward retaking their camp outside the federal reserve. with the thick fog around the bay area into the central valleys delays inevitable. as far as the rest of country, just in, philadelphia having flight departure delays. temperatures around all over the scale, 68 d.c., 43 in st. louis, 58 dallas, 46 in seattle. it is a tricky, tricky
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forecast today. if you are traveling use the flight tracker any time might want to take a court, shortsleeves, at the
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>> reporter: good morning i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco. it is expected to get noisey here. uc police are preparing for
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protesters [ inaudible ] new surveillance footage shows a man san francisco police say ran over a firefighter. he's on the man on the for left in the white t-shirt. here's a look of the golden gate bridge. the fog is getting thicker. i'll have the latest visibility and tell you how long it is going to last. dangerous driving conditions because of the fog. this is live shot off of the bay bridge in san francisco. [ inaudible ] what caused a new water main to rupture in a south san francisco neighborhood? officials are looking for answers. good morning it is 5:30 on this monday, back to work thanks for joining us i'm kristen sze. i'm eric thomas. you may have trouble finding your car this morning as the fog has moved in. i was being a little facetious
5:31 am
but it is thick in spots. >> it is. >> latest visibilities quarter mile in more areas, napa, fairfield, concord, livermore, hayward, san jose, sfo, half moon bay from three miles to six miles visibility. float's look at what is going on winds nearly calm every -- if you are heading into the central valley fog could be around until 12. for us dense fog advisory until 9:00. 5:31. uc davis students planning a general strike for today. this video of police dousing sitting protesters with pepper spray sparked national outrage earlier this month, and is one of the main reasons behind the general strike which kicks off this morning with a yoga class
5:32 am
and wraps up with a town hall meeting at uc davis tonight. department -- demonstrations are planned at other campuses. students up the defense pepper spray incident, fee hikes and administrative pay. regents meeting taking extra security -- >> reporter: the last meeting scheduled here was cancelled because of threats of vandalism and violence. police are preparing for that as a possibility today. there are officers on guard at the front door this morning. they've got the barricades up at the front entrance. we've seen police patrolling the campus. students want regents to know they are upset about 2002 increases and police crackdowns on protesters at -- campuses uc davis they are calling for a general strike.
5:33 am
the regents are aware of this anger they've cancelled one meeting and decided to have this one bay teleconference. that won't stop protesters who are -- motivated because of the pepper spray incident that happened at uc davis. the regents will have a public comment session. speakers can go to ucsf mission bay campus, also uc davis, uc merced and ucla campus that public comment session will be 9 to 10 this morning. those campuses where the protests are expected. public comment session has been extended it is usually 20 minutes today they will allow for an hour. regents will not talk about possible tuition increase. however that is still the topic on the minds of students. you can bet they are going to be hearing about it. since the tuition has tripled in the past 10 years. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
5:34 am
in los angeles, right now police have just arrested three people after giving the final order for occupy protesters to get out of the streets before the morning rush hour. small group standing in the middle of a major intersection here is a live look at the scene. you can see the big crowds and the huge police presence. they've surrounded the area. police have slowly moved demonstrators off the street and told them to return to their encampment near city hall. eviction deadline came and went after midnight. the situation right now appears to be fluid. there are reports that some protesters threw sticks and water s at police. >> some members of occupy s dark -- occupy sf are back on market street this morning this time across street in front of a wells fargo bank. fencing up around the federal remember of building protesters set up an information table and say
5:35 am
police told them they can stay as long as they don't put up any tents. >> hopefully we can keep this spot to inform the masses. >> the demonstrators say if they are kicked out of the spot they will continue down the street. many still remain at justin herman plaza. san francisco police have released pictures of the man they think is responsible for an intentional hit-and-run that has a calfire firefighter battling for his life. they are asking for the public's help. the man in the white. sheurlt on the far left -- in the white t-shirt on the far left. the suspect and victim off doubt -- off-duty firefighter albert bar tall got into a fight, bartal walked to a gas station at 9th avenue, the suspect got in his car drove to the gas and plowed into
5:36 am
bartal. local firefighters have been keeping vigil at the hospital. >> this hurts the entire fire community and family. we all band together it is a brotherhood whether it is police, fire, first responders. >> a family spokesman says bartal has a trauma brain injury. the 29-year-old seen here with his daughter mom he has been working for calfire for the past five years he's a marine who serve today in iraq. coast guard search has failed to find a missing paddle border. coast guard cutter still out there now searching for the man. friends reported him missing 3:00 yesterday afternoon. he was due to return noon. 5:36. today investigators will begin trying to determine what caused a water main to burst and flood a south san francisco neighborhood over the holiday weekend. the 12 inch line ruptured
5:37 am
friday sending water shooting hundreds of feet into the air. authorities closed streets and evacuated several homes. it took several hours to shut off the line. then inspect the hopes. the pipe was a 12 inch feeder line connected to a larger five foot main. both lines had recently been replaced by the san francisco puc. before looking at pictures, starting to feel dam many as a result of fog. >> fog as you -- mentioned with a capital "f" thick in a lot of places. >> it is that time of the year for the fog to become more prevalent that's what we are dealing with. fog developing in the central valley you don't see it here before the surface we have northeasterly wind pushing or pulling that fog into our neighborhoods that's why it is so thick. you saw the clouds starting to push out it is going to be the
5:38 am
better part of the day before a cold front brings minimal clearing later on. we'll definitely have a murky sky for the better part of today. cooler 101 from san francisco, novato, santa rosa. i think the fog will keep san rafael, vallejo, fairfield, concord and antioch in the 50s going to take a long time to dissipate in your neighborhoods, low to mid 60s for the rest of us. upon ray bay upper 60s from monterey and santa cruz, not dealing with the -- i expect more fog tonight then winds the big story dangerous winds wednesday into thursday those calm for a relatively quiet
5:39 am
friday to sunday. dense fog the story this morning as you have been hearing it is very thick, pea soupish advisories for the bay bridge, benicia bridge and dunbarton bridge. back to work you are faced with this heavy pea soup out there. stall central valley westbound 580 past grant line two right lanes blocked so towards the altamont. drive towards pleasanton out of concord pardon me towards concord on highway 4 westbound and 101 through marin. 280 san jose thick out there, light traffic-wise that's good. our time is 5:39. still ahead, telephone recording reeds to the firing of a syracuse university -- leads to the firing of a syracuse university basketball coach in a child molestation case. online ads that lured three to their deaths. ohio investigators find the victims in shallow graves
5:40 am
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. . another child sex scandal is embroiling a university campus this time syracuse. the university basketball program. syracuse fired associate head basketball coach bernie fine last night amid accusations that he sexually molested boys. one of his accusers 39-year-old bobby davis
5:43 am
recorded a phone call with fine's wife laurie in 2002 on the tape his wife appears to have act noned knowing about the abuse which davis says -- started when he was in the 7th grade . >> in a stunning development laurie fine seemed to have admit on the tape she had a sexual relationship with basketball buy davis when he was 16. davis' stepbrother accused fine of molestation. over the weekend, 23-year-old from maine came forward accusing fine of abuse when he was 13-years-old. in ohio, police think they have a new craigslist killer. three bodies have turned up in shallow graves which police think is linked to a deadly robbery scheme. the craigslist posting lures single divorce of course --
5:44 am
divorced men for a we gus care taking job. one body was found two weeks ago. two more buried bodies were found friday. a 52-year-old man and 16 year boiled are being held in connection with the murders. -- 16-year-old boy are being held in connection with the murders. >> i instantly got sick to my stomach thinking how lucky i was because it could have been me. >> police say they were lead to the two suspects by a man who also answered the ad this month but was able to escape after being shot in the arm. babies are fighting over ipads. we'll explain, coming up in the bloomberg business report. what is left of a burned out apartment building is about to come down. 60 cupertino residents left homeless by a weekend fire that started on one woman's stove. hayward family
5:45 am
hospitalized by poisonous gas that nobody could see or smell. do you have a detector in your home yet?
5:46 am
5:47 am
. everything still running on time at our airports. the fog is thick in the central valley that will hold temperatures in the central valley into the low 60s. eureka, sunshine today and 55.
5:48 am
56 in tahoe. 61 in yosemite. tahoe down from yesterday's 63° that was a record high at tahoe yesterday. 82 palm springs, upper 70s, san diego and l.a. with sunshine there >> 5:48. a hayward family is recovering from exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide after a heater released a that nearly fatal dose of the odorless gas in their home. the woman and her daughter woke up called a relative who rushed them and the daughter's six-month-old to kaiser hospital's emergency room. firefighters believe the family narrowly escaped death. >> carbon monoxide actually takes approximately 500 fatalities every year in this country. on top of that, over 20,000 people end up in emergency
5:49 am
rooms. >> as of july 1st of this year each home is required by state law to have a carbon monoxide alarm installed. firefighters say they are essential in homes because carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless and very often lethal. firefighters say the fire that left 50 residents of a cupertino apartment complex without a place to live was starred in a kitchen. eight units -- started in a kitchen. eight units were destroyed and 15 damaged. one of the residents sent video, 100 firefighters took almost two hours to bring the blaze under control. it started when a woman was warming up oil to make french fries and walked away from the pot. damage to the building is skipped at two million dollars. berkeley apartment building in danger of collapsing is scheduled to be torn down today. the building had 39 apartments and two restaurants. it was gutted in a huge blaze
5:50 am
earlier this month. the biggest fire in berkeley in 20 years. the cause is still under investigation. sidewalks and streets around the building will stay partially closed until the demolition is finished. cyber monday! retailers are competing for your business. >> here's jane king with the bloomberg business report. good morning. on your mark, get set, click that's what retailers are hope you will do for them today. this year's cyber monday spending could hit a record high consumers spent more than a billion dollars online last year. this year retail sales jumped to a record as consumers went online to shop. how many ipads are enough? if you have kids in the house, nielsen says the ipad is the most wanted holiday gift among 6 to 12 for the second year in a row, kids as young as one are fighting over ipads with
5:51 am
older siblings. s&p can snap a seven day losing thanksgiving weekend retail sales and optimism that european leaders are making progress contributing to positive momentum. stocks closed lower friday the worst thanksgiving trading week since 1932. the cost of partridges, pear trees and turtle doves on the rise. the cost of buying every item of the 12 days of christmas up 4%, topping $100,000. golden rings dropping and the milk maids the only unskilled laborers getting no pay increase in 2010. i'm jane king with the bloomberg business report women >> those five golden rings, they keep going up and up in price. >> she says that is stabilizing but the 42 swans swimming don't get that. i know you mean to.
5:52 am
>> [ unintelligible ] >> we didn't have leftovers i can feel for those who did. if you had a good time thanksgiving time too go back to work, school and weather. -- it was quiet from the -- for the better part of last week now we have a lot of thick fog. it is over the water watch out area bridges tough to go there also. quarter mile everywhere. let me tell you where we don't, 1/8 oakland, less than a quarter mile in novato, six miles half moon bay the next best visibility santa rosa at about a mile. let's talk about the dense fog advisory. just about everywhere except
5:53 am
for higher elevations of the diablo rage, north bay mountains, santa cruz mountains and along the coast. everyone else under that dense fog advisory until 9:00. then you head out into the central valley, northern central valley until 11:00, southern central valley until noon. it is going to be tough there. 50 oakland, rest of us mid to upper 40s, 40s except for 41 in los gatos. mid to upper 40s for santa cruz, watsonville, salinas and monterey. monterey bay not dealing with thick fog like the rest of us, murky sunshine late today still mild fog forms again tonight. tonight will probably be the last night we are going to replace the dangerous visibilities with dangerous winds wednesday, thursday, especially at our higher elevations where we could have
5:54 am
powerlines knocked down or tree limbs could knock powerlines down. low to mid 60s, south bay peninsula, coast downtown south san francisco a difference in the north bay upper 50s to low 60s on the east bay shore low to mid 60s like the rest of the bay east bay valleys upper 50s to low 60s north bay and east bay most affected temperature-wise by the fog monterey bay upper 60s to near 70, same as you head inland. let's jump to the seven day forecast, after the fog fades tomorrow, temperatures should be warmer than today then windy wednesday and thursday all calm for friday to sunday. following your monday morning commute, dangerous one out there because of the thick fog and visibility is limited go go bridge as you come off the waldo grade headed into it, dunbarton, bay bridge, benicia,
5:55 am
carquinez bridge all have dense fog this morning. light traffic towards the tolls, fog advisories in effect. stall blocking two right lanes making your drive from the central valley towards the altamont pass a tough one. westbound 580 past grant line. drive times heading out highway 4 starting to bunch up, 580 out of the central valley, west 30 -- that is your san mateo bridge dive, 13 minutes to across the span. for the latest conditions. hayward assemblywoman who faces shoplifting charges was being watched bay the store for quite sometime. the neiman marcus department store in juror -- in union square began tracking her a week before her arrest. a saleswoman noticed a dress
5:56 am
matching after a woman matching her description tried it on. she say she was rushed and forgot to pay. is accused of taking $5 -- she is accused of taking $2500 from the store. starting this friday department of fish and game officials will begin capturing deer along 280 from millbrae to wood side. the deer will be fitted with gps collars. researchers hope it will help them understand how wildlife moves through the area and cut down on collisions. which like that. because i had an unfortunate collision with a deer a few months back. >> glad you are okay. >> thank you. time doesn't heal all wounds. just ahead, the long-standing sports grudge that had a 73-year-old cal football legend duking it out on stage this weekend. >> reporter: uc regents have decided on a major change on
5:57 am
how they will meet today to discourage rowdy protests. i'm amy hollyfield live in san francisco we'll tell you about the plan, next.
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a former marine fighting for his life after being intentionally run down outside a san francisco


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